HarryRabby2 Daily English Vocab Vol 1 & 2 FREE Full Version

The original HarryRabby was an action packed puzzle game with levels of fun and excitement. HarryRabby Version 2 is reworked to to have accessibility in mind. It includes many levels of challenge and way more game options specifically for low vision gamers.

The Daily English Vocab products are specifically designed for learners who are new to computer/mobile games. Simple but interesting gameplay, with mobile touch screen support, the game can be played on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. Player just needs to click or touch on the correct answers in order to allow HarryRabby to land safely and proceed to the next level before he falls off the cliff or runs into some harmful obstacles. Many things are adjustable, including object moving speed and color mode (high contrast, brightness, grayscale, B&W, inversed display…etc).

This version has 4 games, each with 10 spelling questions. For this particular version, player needs to pick the correct first letter (Vol 1) / last letter (Vol 2) of the word in question.

Here is the link for Vol 1: https://fingertainment.itch.io/harryrabby-english-vocabulary-in-everyday-life-vol-1

Here is the link for Vol 2: https://fingertainment.itch.io/harryrabby-english-vocabulary-in-everyday-life-vol-2



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