Adding large numbers Now available.

This is an action packed math game with levels of fun and excitement. Having accessibility in mind, special display and control features are available for low vision gamers. Many game elements are adjustable, such as object moving speed and color mode (high contrast, brightness, grayscale, B&W, inversed display…etc).

The math questions are specifically made for intermediate learners. Player clicks or touches on the correct answer to a math question in order to allow HarryRabby to land safely and proceed to the next level. The math questions are generated randomly. The full versions have 5 difficulty levels based on the max possible value of the correct answer. The free trial version has one level for you to try out.

In this game, you need to answer addition math questions. Large numbers are used in the questions. You click on the correct digit in order to come out with a complete answer and then proceed to the next level.

Here is the link to the free version:

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Author: ycthk

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