Game/App Privacy Policy

All HarryRabby games and apps are written to NOT ask for any personal and sensitive user data from you. In fact there is no function provided inside the games/apps for user to input any personal information. HOWEVER, certain HarryRabby games may contain ads. To summarize:

  • The paid version of all HarryRabby games and apps are free of ads.
  • The free version of HarryRabby games and apps for children under the age of 13  may contain static ads (those that are statically coded into the game, NOT based on any kind of behavioral advertising techniques).
  • The free version of HarryRabby games and apps that are not age specific may include ads served by third parties (personalized/behavioral advertising,  i.e. serving personalized ads through the use of anonymous identifiers or SDKs). Please refer to the “Games with personalized ads” section below.

When you download HarryRabby games/apps from Google Play or, the following information may be automatically collected:

(i) data about your location, device type and model, operating system and version and platform;
(ii) data about your device, including your mobile phone network and operator, generated device identifier information, the Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) of the device, and the IP address;
(iii) data generated when you play our games, such as the game version you are playing and any data relating to your game play history on our apps;
(iv) the number of times you have accessed a game via the relevant app from a particular mobile device and for how long.
(v) some other anonymous statistical information.

The information listed above may be used for the following reasons:

(a) to provide our apps to you, and to allow you to access and use them so that you can play our games;
(b) to recognise you when you return to our apps, keep your game progress and to store information about your use of our apps (for example the level you have attained on a particular game);
(c) to evaluate your use of our apps and compile statistics to understand the type of people who use our apps and how they use them;
(d) to keep our apps and games secure.
(e) in some cases for serving personalized ads and determining whether the ad services are operating effectively.

Games with static ads

Free HarryRabby games for children under the age of 13 may contain static ads that are hard coded into the game apps during game development. In other words the ads are NOT delivered based on any of your user or device data.

Games with personalized ads

Free HarryRabby games that are for players of all ages do use Google AdMob advertising services to serve targeted personalized ads. AdMob uses your device’s advertising id to serve personalized ads based on user interest (which involves collecting and analyzing user behavioral and other data).


We may update our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes we make to our privacy policy in the future will be made available right here. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.


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