HarryRabby 2 features Low Vision Edition

HarryRabby 2 is an action packed puzzle game with 40 levels of fun and excitement. Having accessibility in mind, the game has display and control features specifically for low vision gamers. Simple but challenging gameplay, with mobile touch screen support, the game can be played on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. Player just needs to click or touch on to remove all the diamonds carefully to proceed to the next level. Many things are adjustable, such as object moving speed, color mode (high contrast, brightness, grayscale, B&W, inversed display … etc), background and UI elements (plain BG vs full BG, cursor size and style …etc), and adaptive difficulty.


  • 40 levels of challenge
  • 4 different full color modes for low vision gamers – normal, lower brightness, high brightness, high contrast
  • 4 different grayscale modes for low vision gamers – grayscale, inverse, inverse bright, high contrast grayscale
  • adjustable speed and difficulty
  • adaptive difficulty option – game speed can be lowered on demand when it is detected that the player cannot keep up with the current pace
  • changeable background style – plain vs standard
  • changeable cursor style – regular size blinking vs large size non-blinking
  • one key mode allows user to play with just one button or key

Here is the link to the demo video: https://youtu.be/e0Mqn4hlTAo

Here is the link to the free version: https://fingertainment.itch.io/harryrabby2-low-vision-free


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Author: ycthk

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